July 11, 2013

You Go Girl(s) and Guys.

Where are they now? UAB Graphic Design graduates:

• Noel Conway 
Creative at Kspark.
• Scott Dodge 
Art Director at Cummings Creative Group.
• Jacinta Elliot 
joined designFORMS Architectural firm as graphic designer.
• Samantha Gibbons 
Graphic Designer at Cummings Creative Group in Birmingham, AL.
• Jonathan Green
Graphic Designer at blr | further in Birmingham, AL.
• Cana Grooms
Graphic Designer at Scout Branding in Birmingham, AL
• Alan Heiman
Freelancing for Think+, working on Barber Motors Sports stuff.
• Umair Khan
Freelancing at Cayenne Creative in Birmingham, AL.
• Courtney Kyle 
Art Director at Hoffman Media for Stitch Craft Create magazine.
• Anna McDavid 
Art Director Birmingham Association of Realtors.
• Chris Murphy
Jr. Graphic Designer at Luckie & Co. in Birmingham, AL.
• Moriah Osborn
Freelancing as Antebella Design in Birmingham, AL.
• Allison Raines
Freelancing at Hothead Studios for Georgia Pacific and Alcan Cable.
• Chris Seagle
Graphic Designer at Telegraph Branding in Birmingham, AL.
• Stephanie Shiver
Asst. Art Director at Hoffman Media in Birmingham, AL.
• Natalie Smith 
Art Director at Loudhailer New Zealand.
• Liz Springer
Freelancing in B'ham for UAB's Alys Stephens Center and PurMotion.
• Drew Watts
Graphic Designer at Webster Design in Omaha, NE.
• Jennifer Waycaster
Marketing // Creative Fellow at Coastal Living, TIME Inc.
• Zack Williams
Senior Designer // art director at BEATS by dre.
• Brandi Wilson-Sides
Design // Marketing Brownell Travel.