April 2, 2012

Emerging Designer Showcase

Thanks to everyone who participated in the First AIGA Birmingham Emerging Designers Showcase. Special thanks to this year's judges, Marion Powers, Anna Denbo and Sara Cannon. The show was a big success and we are looking forward to making this a bigger and better event next year. Congratulations to all the winners.

Best of Show 
• First Place - Split Milk Cartons, Alyssa Mitchell
• Second Place - Findley Market, Campaign, Liz Springer
• Third Place - Handmade Books,  Ashley Lindsey

Best of Category
• Broadcast/Interactive = BluPrint, Andrew Williams
• Logo = Stitch, Brittany Fox
• Stationary = AM Self promo, Alyssa Mitchell
• Editorial = Caffeine, Carey Marks
• Poster = Fold 4 Piece, Brittany Fox
• Non-Traditional = Stitch Garment Hang tag, Brittany Fox
• Campaign = Finley Market, Liz Springer
• Packaging = Split Milk, Alyssa Mitchell
• FIne Art = Handmade Books, Ashley lindsey

Runner Up
Fine Art: 2D = Ashley lindsey (Birds), Katie Hale (Photos)
3D = (Turkey) Lindsey Warner, (Vase) Leah Hamel

Packaging = (Olio) Brittany Fox, (Taste This) Brittany Fox, (AM Boxes) Alyssa Mitchell, (Dixieland Delights) Jennifer Waycaster
Logo = (Elizabeth Gross) Melissa Frennea
Editorial = (Whale Book) Jin Chung
Non-traditional = (Cahaba Auto Tags) Emily Kerley ,
Poster: (Crime Poster) Alyssa Mitchell, (Hiroshima Poster) Charles Carraway
Interactive = (AM Website) Alyssa Mitchell